Meet The Founder & Creative Director

Rian Mack is an experienced events and design professional, with a highly creative vision and the ability to bring her client’s unique visions to life through Rian Mack Events. She has been passionate about creating memorable events ever since her childhood, when even small celebrations became big affairs. Over the last decade, Rian has cultivated a reputation for excellence within the luxury event industry, built on her dedication to detail, unrivaled passion for design, and commitment to weaving each client’s budget, objectives and goals into the fabric of every event. Her incredible success has seen her partner with prestigious brands in industries such as: financial, sports, entertainment, and automotive media – truly making Rian Mack one of the most sought-after names in the business.

With over ten years of experience in the events and design industry, Rian is the creative force behind the Rian Mack Events team. Having first recognized her passion for design and creation at a young age growing up where every small celebration quickly turned into an event. Rian’s eye for details coupled with her ability to integrate her clients’ vision, objective, and budget into every aspect of their events, has earned her a spot amongst an elite group of brand partners and clients worldwide in the financial, sports, entertainment, automotive, financial and media industries.